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Is your home dirty? In need of a washing?
We understand a clean home is a happy home, and we look forward to showing you just how true that statement is!

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House Washing in Greensboro, NC

Is your home starting to look grimy? Does it embarrass you to have family and friends over? What if they notice the mildew and cobwebs? 

We understand a clean home is a happy home, and we look forward to showing you just how true that statement is!

For House Washing, we don’t use the old “pressure only” cleaning approach. We use a technique called Soft Washing.

Instead of forcefully removing the bacteria and grime from your home, soft washing comprises of using very low water pressure with special detergents specifically formulated to wash and clean houses.

The Soft Wash approach allows us to safely and effectively make your home sparkling clean. This process eliminates the chances of having blown window seals, chipped paint, damaged siding, etc. 

We clean many types of exterior surfaces such as Vinyl, Stucco, Brick, Concrete, Wood & More.

Our Process

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1 We preform a pre-inspection to make sure all windows and doors are shut, we tape or cover any key holes and electrical sockets, we also use this time to take detailed photos of the areas we will be cleaning. 

2 We rinse your home using water only at this stage to remove any loose dirt or debris. We also water any grass, plants or other vegetation before, during, and after the cleaning process to keep them well hydrated.

3 This is when we start applying our specialized cleaning solution to your homes siding, windows, soffits, and gutters. This process gently eliminates any mold, mildew, algae, or other organic bacteria that is growing on your home.

4 After the cleaning solution has had time to work, we rinse it all off revealing the beautiful sparkling clean results. Once we are finished, we’ll do a full walk around with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results.

House Washing Greensboro NC

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