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Our roof cleaning services safely removes black streaks, algae, and moss,
will lengthen the lifespan of your roof can even lower your energy bill.

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Roof Cleaning in Greensboro, NC

Roof Cleaning is a service that should only be preformed by trained professionals. Many who offer roof cleaning simply do not understand how to properly and safely clean them.

Martin’s Pressure Washing offers professional roof cleaning services using the soft wash technique safe for all types of roofs.

A dirty roof will shorten the lifespan of your roof as well as raise the cost of your energy bill. What starts off as thin streaks of black algae will eventually coat your entire roof. 

Once the black streaks turn into a thick layer of black algae the shingles will not be able to properly reflect the UV rays of the sun like it was designed to. This causes your roof to absorb and trap heat which will also shorten your roofs lifespan.

What Is Roof Cleaning & Why Is Roof Cleaning Important?

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Our Process

roof soft wash cleaning

1 We preform a pre-inspection to make sure all windows and doors are shut, if needed we will attach bags to your gutters to catch any run-off cleaning solution. We will also use this time to take detailed photos of the areas we will be cleaning.

2 We pre-wet any grass, plants or other vegetation before, during, and after the cleaning process to keep them well hydrated. This process helps to eliminate chances of killing your grass, flowers, shrubs, etc. 

3 This is when we start applying our specialized cleaning solution to your homes roof. This process gently removes any black streaks, algae, moss, or other organic bacteria that is growing on your homes roof.

4 After we have completed and the cleaning solution has had time to work, we’ll do a full walk around with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results.

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